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Geographical position: Croatia extends from the furthest eastern edges of the Alps in the north-west to the Panonian lowlands and the banks of the Danube river in the east; its central region is covered by the Dinara mountain range, and its southern parts extend to the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Surface: the mainland covers 56,542 km2, and the surface of the territorial sea is 31,067 km2.



Population: 4,437,460 inhabitants; ethnic groups: the majority of the population are Croats; national minorities are Serbs, Slovenes, Hungarians, Bosniaks, Italians, Czechs and others.

System of government: multi-party parliamentary republic.


Official language and script: Croatian language and Latin script

Religion: Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims, Jews, Protestants and others

Capital: Zagreb (779,145 inhabitants), the economic, traffic, cultural and academic centre of the country.

5,835 km of which 4,058 km comprise a coastline of islands, solitary rocks and reefs. Number of islands, solitary rocks and reefs: 1,185; the largest islands are Krk and Cres; there are 50 inhabited islands.


Highest peak: Dinara: 1,831 m above sea level.



Climate: There are two climate zones; a temperate continental climate, locally also a mountainous climate, prevails in the interior, whereas a pleasant Mediterranean climate prevails along the Adriatic coast, with an overwhelming number of sunny days, dry and hot summers, mild and humid winters; average temperature in the inland: January 0 to 2°C, August 19 to 23°C; average temperature at the seaside: January 6 to 11°C, August 21 to 27 °C; the temperature is about 12°C in winter, and 25°C in summer.

Currency: kuna (1 kuna = 100 lipa). Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks, exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies, hotels, camps, marinas; cheques can be cashed in banks.


Time zone: Croatia lies in the GMT +1 zone. The zone changes to GMT +2 as of the last Saturday in March and lasts until the last Sunday in October.

Electric power supply: 220 V, 50Hz, Electric plugs have two cylindrical contacts or three contacts for devices that are grounded. If you need adapters or transformers, you will find them in larger stores or department stores. We recommend that guests from the USA check whether their laptops and other electrical devices such as shavers have the necessary switch.




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