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Cultural and historic monuments

Turkey has seen many civilisations beginning from the earliest ages of humanity, signs of which are spread all around the country to being the centre of great empires. The spectacular examples of the natural wonders support this rich cultural heritage as well. It is a country of friendly people who will make sure to make your stay a memorable experience.


AHLAT is a town in Eastern Anatolia known for the numerous historic tombstones built by the Seljuks and the dynasty of Ahlatshahs.


ALAHAN is a home of the famous Alahan Monastery built on terraces towards the top of a mountain in the provincial Boundaries of İçel.  


ALANYA is a town situated in the eastern part of the Gulf of Antalya famous for the city walls and the castle that extends down to the sea and encloses a medieval dockyard.


ANTALYA is the most famous resort on the Turkish Rivera offering everything a modern tourist demands. The historical centre of Kelici which has been restored and now hosts many hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants and shops is a place to be.


ANKARA is the capital of Turkey and a vibrant cultural and artistic city. It is famous for the magnificent mausoleum constructed to commemorate Atatürk.


BODRUM is a popular tourist destination because of its attractive coastline and lively nightlife. It is also a good getaway for yachting holidays.


BURSA is one of the most important cities of the world because of its numerous well-preserved examples of the rural architecture of the Ottoman Empire.


CAPPADOCIA is an area full of natural wonders characterised by fairy chimneys and a unique historical and cultural heritage.


DALAMAN is known for its international airportwhich serves as a gateway to the tourists who heading to seaside resorts to the west and east of Dalaman such as Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Köyceğiz, Dalyan, Ölüdeniz and Hisarönü.


DALYAN is an area of unique natural beauty nestled between the sea and a river delta located close to the city of Dalamar.


DIYARBAKIR is famous for its best and second largest preserved city walls in the world after the famous Great Wall of China.


EDIRNE is a city in westernmost part of Turkey famous for Selimiye Mosque, considered one of the biggest achievements of Islamic architecture.


EPHESUS is the best-preserved ancient site in the world famous for the Temple of Artemis.


FETHYE is a beautiful resort in the Aegean Turkey.


GOCEK is famous for its stunning islands and coves which makes it an ideal destination for yacht tourism.


HARRAN is an ancient town mentioned in the Holy Bible. It is believed that Adam and Eve set foot here when they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. In the town the traditional civil architecture with mud brick houses and conic roofs can be admired.


GÜLLÜK DAĞI-TERMESSOS NATIONAL PARK is famous for tis ancient city of Termessos and remains of the city walls, Towers, King's Road, Hadrian's Gate, Gymnasium, Agora, Theatre, Odeon, richly decorated Tombs, cisterns and drainage system.


ISHAKPAŞA PALACE is located in east Turkey and is one of the magnificent palaces built on the ancient Silk Route near the Iranian border.


ISTANBUL was once known as the capital of the capitals. Its variety is one of Istanbul's greatest attractions they include the ancient mosques (Hagia Sofia, Süleymaniye), palaces (Topokapi), museums and bazaars reflect its diverse history.


IZMIR is the second largest port in Turkey and considered to be one of the oldest settlements in the Mediterranean. Therefore it is not a surprise the city has rich historical heritage.


KEKOVA is a region of fascinating islands, bays and ruins of ancient cities half sunk close to Antalya.


KONYA is the cradle of many civilisations. It became a centre of culture and politics during the period of Seljuks, the famous Sunni Muslim dynasty.


MARMARIS is a popular holiday destination and an ideal gateway to discover the rich cultural and natural heritage in the surrounding area.


PAMUKALLE is a natural site in Anatolia famous for its white hot springs and the ancient city of Hierapolis.


SANLIURFA is known as the city of prophets (Hiob, Jethro and St. George and Abraham) has a very rich history due to its location in the great fertile plain of upper Mesopotamia.


SUMELA is a monastic complex built into the rock cliffs of the Altındere Valley at an altitude of about 1200 meters overlooking the alpine scenery below.


TARSUS with St. Paul Church, St. Paul's Well and surrounding historic quarters is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


TROY in archaeological site, the traditional location of Homeric Troy, located to a modern town of Truva in Anatolia.