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Mediterrana offer Skipper training program sailing course in sailing school as ultimate level of sailing course after sailing curse Basics of sailing and saling course Extended sailing skills and navigation.

Skipper training program sailing course takes place in Jezera in Murter island with sailing around Murter island and Kornati islands in Central Adriatic sea in Croatia.

Skipper training program sailing course prepare You for skipper's responsibility during sailing, for manage of crew members, for handilng with sailing boats and of course introduce you details necessary to know at chartering of sailing boats and protecting you against security deposit lost ...



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Sail with family and friends as a skipper

Sailing as a crew member is one thing. Sailing as a skipper is somethingcompletely different. And you will see the difference once you take therole of a skipper.

You surely ask yourself: what can I learn during a skipper course?

None of us sails so well that there is no place for improvements, therefore youwill sail and perfect your technique passing miles and miles of the sea... Tack, reef, tack, reef and back to the beginning ...

Mayor part of course is dedicated to practice approaching the shoreusing the engine or only sails, approaching the shore if the wind isstrong, re-floating the boat,...

You will be introduced with necessary tasks to prepare boat and crew for storm and how to sail during a storm ...

You will lean what you should check when renting (charter) a sailing boat, get"acquainted" with the wiring, engine, most frequent problems and how toaddress them, as well as with safety equipment and how to handle it.

Skipper sailing course is designed just to perfect your sailing skills, prepare you for unexpected situations  on sea, protect you with crew and sailing boat including secure your deposit at chartering of sailing boat.


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Sailing school base:

ACI marina Jezera

  ACI marine Jezera official presentation

National parks close to Murter island:

National Park Kornati

National Park Krka

Travel by car to Jezera in Murter island:

Car travel route to Jezera in Murter island in Croatia

Program of Skipper training program sailing course

Skippertraining program sailing course is ultimate sailing course and upgrade your skills and knowledge necessary for skipper's responsibility to any of crew member and to the boat.

Skipper training program sailing course introduce skills and knowledge:

  • Safety equipment, methods of use and safety procedures,
  • Reaching the level of skills for independently handling of boat,
  • 24 hours sailing and organisation on boat,
  • Practicingstandard maneuvers in daytime, nighttime and extraordinary conditions for attaining teamwork, accuracy and speed of all crew members,
  • Anchoring and setting sail in extraordinary weather conditions at day and night,
  • Accuracyand speed in planning and following a navigation plan with the use of terrestrial and satellite navigation in daytime and nighttime sailing conditions,
  • Anchoring and setting sail using sails only,
  • Handling extraordinary conditions due to unexpected malfunctions or breakage of boat equipment.

Accommodation: on boat

Arrival to sailing school: Saturday before 14.00 hour

Departure from sailing school: on Friday at the evening or Saturday in the morning

Min. age requirements: 16 years old

Minimum required experiences: 15 days of sailing with at the least 300 NM in logbook and 4 hours of night navigation, Advanced sailing course (we prefer Extended sailing skills and navigation sailing course)

Sailing course duration: 6 days



  • 08.04. - 14.04.2017
  • 06.05. - 12.05.2017
  • 30.09. - 06.10.2017
  • 21.10. - 27.10.2017


  • 869 EUR / Person for course

Price include:

Course lead by instructors, sailing boat, diesel fuel, cooking gas, end cleaning of sailing boat and VAT.



  • Food,
  • Food for instructors,
  • Marina expenses for berths outside ACI marina Jezera,
  • 1 EUR / Person daily for Tourist tax
Indicated extras are from 150 EUR / Person to 200 EUR / Person, during course.
In indicated extra costs are included food and tourist tax.

Payment terms:

30 % at booking confirmation and 70 % at the latest 3 weeks before arrival to sailing school.


Payment options:

Payment to our bank account, with PayPal or Credit cards.