Regatta sailing course in Sailing school in Croatia

Mediterrana offer Regatta sailing course in Sailing school in Jezera in Murter island in Croatia. Regatta course in Sailing school take place in Jezera in Murter island and in waters infront of Jezera where is regatta field and in Central Adriatic sea in Croatia.



RYA Competent crew sailing course

RYA Day skipper sailing course

RYA Coastal skipper sailing course


The regatta course is designed for those who wish to experience competitive sailing on regattas.

The course is intended only for the people whose sailing experience and knowledge match (at least) the level of Advanced Course, meaning that they have to know how to use spinnaker, how to do tacking, jibing, trimming, navigation and other elements. Another requirement is a medical certificate on physical fitness necessary to register the participation in regattas. The certificate is issued by family physicians.

The programme starts on Saturday at noon when you meet with participants and have lunch together. After  lunch you get familiar with the sailing boat and make all the preparations for sailing out.

The first training at sea starts on Sunday morning. The course programme includes both sailing and theoretical preparation comprising the following subjects:

  • the history of regattas,
  • types of regatta fields,
  • crew preparation as well as the preparation of the sailing boat,
  • trimming of the sails and mast,
  • regatta rules,
  • starting tactics,
  • sailing tactics,
  • starting signals,
  • placing protests procedure,
  • application for participation in regattas and other subjects.

The course will take place every day in the waters in front of Jezera on Murter Island. On Friday morning you will set off towards the venue of the first regatta; usually regattas take place in the waters of Zadar, Biograd or Split. Sailing back to Jezera is scheduled for after the competition and dinner offered by the club that organised the regatta.

The course will be held aboard the Elan 333, fully equipped for racing. It is expected of the participants to "shape up" a little before the course, so a few visits to the gym and a little bit of jogging are highly recommended since the course will be not only interesting but also very demanding.


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Charter base:

ACI marina Jezera

  ACI marine Jezera official presentation

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National park Kornati

National park Krka

Travel to Jezera in Murter island by car:

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The daily schedule of the course:

  • 07:00 Getting up
  • 07:20 Stretching and jogging
  • 08:00 Breakfast
  • 08:45 Indoor lesson
  • 09:40 Warming up exercises
  • 10:00 Sailing out and training
  • 13:00 - 13:30 Lunch break
  • 13:30 - 16:30 Training - continuation
  • 16:30 Return to the base and tiding up the boat
  • 16:45 Stretching
  • 17:00 - 17:30 Break (shower and tea)
  • 18:00 Indoors lesson - Analysis of the day
  • 19:00 Supper